This is similar to the simple camera used by Nosework Videographers

The Videographer video tapes each competitor’s run of an element, moving as directed to capture the footage while staying out of the way of the competitor and judge and not distracting the dog. (NACSW Rule Book)

Okay, so the volunteer Videographer at a Nose Work trial doesn’t use “tape,” but a small, digital recorder. These digital recordings are archived and used to respond to questions about a run. They are also spot checked by members of the NACSW organization so they can be certain that trials are being run and conducted based on NACSW standards.

When acting as the Videographer, the Judge will generally determine where you’ll stand. The goal is to take in the whole search, not to actually follow the dog and handler.

As mentioned in the timer post, occasionally, the video is utilized to check or verify the trial run time in case something odd happens with the timer or a score sheet isn’t filled out properly.

The Videographer is given two cameras in case something goes wrong with one, there’s a backup. Also, as the trial element goes on, the Videographer will send cameras back with the Score Runner every 5-7 dogs so the Score Room can keep up with uploading the videos. The Score Runner, on their return, will give the Videographer an empty camera to begin again.

Generally, the volunteer Videographer will start the recording, say the name or run number of the handler team and then record the run, keeping the recording going for at least a few seconds after the “Finish” happens.

The hard part of being the Videographer is remembering not to follow the dog as they search. I think we have a natural tendency for our hands to follow where we’re looking. It’s worth remembering that even if you miss the dog for a bit, the video is still serving its intended purpose.

When volunteering as in the role of Videographer at specialty trials, the volunteer doesn’t stay and record all the runs of an element. Instead, the volunteer Videographer at a Nosework Specialty Trial will record a few runs in one element and then move to another element and record a few videos there, and so on.

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