Score Runner

Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash

Score Runners take 2-3 completed score sheets at a time from an element to the score room. (NACSW Rule Book)

You’ll get your steps in if you’re the score runner. During most trials there are two elements happening at the same time. The Score Runner will gather a few score sheets from one element, return those to the score room, and then head to the other element, retrieve a few score sheets, and return those to the score room.

Score Runners will also return video cameras and stopwatches that stop working. They’ll sometimes be asked to bring back water for the judge or a new pen. They might be asked by the Score Room Lead to take a message to a Judge or Judges Steward.

Score Runners keep Nose Work trials running smoothly. While it can be a busy role, there are sometimes opportunities to watch parts of the trials because the Score Runner might need to wait for a run or two before there are enough score sheets to make the trip worthwhile.

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