Practice with Friends

If you’ve been taking Nosework classes, you’ve been meeting other handlers. Develop those relationships and practice nose work together between class meetings.

You could certainly meet at each other’s homes. This will expose your dogs to familiar and different odors.

You could also pick one of the practice locations we’ve already explored (Lowe’s, Vet’s, a park, or parking lot), set a meeting time and then create nosework challenges.

Over the years I’ve met with a lot of other handlers, in formal and informal settings. We’ve met at government buildings on a Sunday morning, or at the Y on a Saturday. We’ve visited small parks and people’s homes. We’ve been able to practice on farms and homes where people have livestock and horses.

The goal here is to do simple and challenging searches in many different environments. Not only will you become better at handling (and watching) your dog, you’ll also be exposing your dog to many different environments. This pays off when you attend trials and search in a place your dog has never been to before.

The other great advantage practicing nosework with your friends is that everyone involved tends to place hides in different ways. This creates new and different puzzles for your dog to solve.

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