Practice at Your Vet’s Office

Searching a Vet’s office creates lots of challenges

A few years ago, one of the members of our Nosework class was a veterinarian. On several occasions, he invited us to practice at his office.

How great to practice in a place with A LOT of animal odors. For many dogs, animal odors, especially saliva, becomes a challenge. Some dogs, during classes and practice begin to alert on the slobber of other dogs (there’s probably pheromones mixed in that saliva that gets the dogs excited.)

Creating opportunities that offer challenging puzzles for the dogs gives them experiences that pay off in spades along their search journey.

In addition to the interior spaces (reception and consultation rooms), the restrooms also get a work out and can be excellent places to search. I’ve been at a lot of trials and I’d estimate that nearly a third of them involved a restroom search. So, taking advantage of the opportunities to search these spaces will give the dogs excellent experience.

And, if you have the opportunity to search your vet’s office, don’t forget to search the parking lot and grounds. A LOT of dogs have peed out there and that creates good challenges for your dog to place odor above other options. Just be sure to treat with very high end foods.

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