Practice at Work

Depending on where you work, you might be able to practice there. These sessions might be during working hours (it’s great when we can bring a dog to work with us), but the opportunity might be after hours or on weekends.

Places to focus on…desks, tables, chairs, drinking fountains, restrooms, and hallways are always great.

If your office has a lunch room or a place where employees eat, these are great locations, too. There are lots of other odors of interest and that creates challenges.

Is there a vending area? Vending machines are filled with distracting odors. Consider a low hide, near a machine leg.

Don’t forget about outer areas. Loading docks, rear doors, parking lots, and even dumpsters make for great search opportunities.

Just make sure you have permission to have your dog on the property. It’s not worth risking your job.

It is worth thinking about engaging your coworkers. People are amazed when they watch our dogs search and find odor. Ask one of them to hide odor in a room or hallway and let them be amazed at how well your dog does.

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