Practice at Home

Photo by Scott Webb

Of course, while we’re exploring places to practice Nosework, your home is the obvious first choice.

Playing the game in comfortable surroundings will help your dog feel comfortable. And, they already know all the smells in your home, so when you introduce odor the game should be quite fun.

Suggestions of search areas include…

  • boxes placed down a hallway, or in the garage or in the driveway.
  • searching the car in the garage and the driveway,
  • boxes in the grass or yard (even in areas where the dogs usually pee–this isn’t recommend for dogs new to the sport, but if you’re up to NW1 or above, this can be a great exercise…just no peeing during the search),
  • searching bathrooms, guest baths, kitchen, dining room, or bedroom,
  • searching offices.

One thing that came from nosework in general and home searching in particular, is that our lab who’d been taught not to counter surf, now countersurfs again. He’s up on those back paws and into whatever is on the counters.

It’s also easy to practice off leash searches because you know the rooms and the distractions and your home is (hopefully) safe.

Be creative. Use your spaces. Use different spaces (don’t just hide things in the garage).

How do you search at home?

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