Element: Exteriors

Photo by Artur Lysyuk on Unsplash

The Nosework element Exteriors is represented by any outdoor area.

Many trials take place at schools, so the exteriors are often outdoor lunch areas or playgrounds.

As a rule, exteriors are experienced as Leash Required elements. Although, I have done exterior container searches during element trials in a safe environment where we could work on or off leash.

There are many interesting challenges to exterior searches including wind and weather, temperature, ground covering, and slope, just to name a few.

I’ve been in areas with gravel, rock, stone, mulch, asphalt, and concrete. I’ve been in exteriors with multiple levels, planters, open ground, and concrete sidewalk through a large grassy area. All of these have an effect on the search.

Bushes, plants, trees, and grass have a huge impact on the search areas, too.

Exteriors also present opportunity for unexpected distractions. In schools, there’s frequently food remnants. There are great stories people tell about rabbits, birds, squirrels, and other creatures who get involved in exterior searches.

As with all searches, it’s a very good idea to go into the search with a plan. And, my recommendation is to cover the area well and then get out. With swirling air, air channeling through mulch, stray French fries, etc. it’s a good idea to search, trust your dog, and to finish.

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