Certifying Officials

Each trail event for NACSW requires a Certifying Official (CO). COs are trained and certified to run Nosework trials and events by NACSQ through training and then shadowing at trial events.

Certifying Officials for Nose Work attend the trial, place all the hides for the event, and verify that the trial event is held based on the high standards expected by NACSW.

Based on my own experience having participated in more than a dozen trial events and having volunteered for even more, the COs are always incredibly nice people. They create fun challenges for the teams trialing at an event, and they are available to answer questions and offer guidance and even moments of training during the awards ceremony.

Having been Dog in White a few times, I’ve also gotten to talk to the COs about hide placements and training opportunities and it’s been a wonderful experience.

Many of the COs also offer seminars and learning opportunities in connection with the trials they attend (often the day after the trials are completed). These can be valuable learning opportunities for handlers and fun experiences for Nosework dogs.

If you’re a NACSW trainer and you’re interested in pursuing the title of Certifying Official, here’s a link withe more information.

And, if you’re in need of a CO for your trial event. Here’s a list of Certifying Officials listed by state.

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